Finally got a chance to watch the Bad Girls Reunion Pt. 1

Here’s what happened as I saw it::

  • Tiara stated the obvious which is she’s a boss
  • Stasi came out looking like a zebra ballerina but she’s still my girl
  • Shelly failed at her attempt to ruin the friendship b/t Stasi and Judi
  • Tiara showed us she can finally dance like a black girl
  • Angie became EXTREMELY EXTREMELY latino like out of nowhere
  • Shelly tried to act like she was Mother Teresa
  • Shelly tried to step to Stasi
  • Stasi changed out those zebra boots extra fast and beat Shelly’s ass again
  • Cheyenne is still dirty as fuck and as clueless as ever
  • Tasha came out looking dirty as fuck and got played by Perez
  • Ms. Voodoo made it known that she’s a badder bitch than Tasha
  • Tasha didn’t really talk about shit
  • Somehow Tasha grew balls and thought she could step to Stasi
  • Stasi took off the boots again and stood up to fight Tasha
  • Tasha remembered that Stasi’s a boss bitch and her balls disappeared in 30 secs

And that’s what happened on Part one of the Bad Girls Club Reunion.

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Posted on Thursday, 10 November
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