Bad Girls Club ATL

Idk episode five…..idk. I mean I’ve always been a fan of Paula and Stephanie. Those are my two main bitches hands down. Valentine cracks me up but she irks my damn nerves. She just had to be from the damn DMV smh. Alicia……yeah she irritates me too. Jenniffer was cool at first but I’m starting to think that bitch crazy for no damn reason like ummmm boo I need you to have a seat in the first row because you are doing too much. I’ve never been a Shannon fan. She got these creepy ass dudes on her nuts and she think she bad….umm no boo boo. And yeah she tries to act strong but when they were all yelling at her I’m sure she was about to cry. She could probably whoop some ass though, but I’m just not a fan. Rocky…..I”m torn. Like she came in the house rude and then ate the fucking hot pocket.

Okay yes it’s just a hot pocket but I understand why Jenn got upset. When I’m drunk, I’m very territorial over my food. Shit I’m territorial over food regardless. So if I had gone to change and come back to my food being eaten I would’ve went the fuck off too! BITCH YOU DON’T EAT A DRUNK PERSON’S FOOD!!! We wouldn’t have fought but I would’ve cussed her out and went about my business.

I think Alicia and Jenn overreacted to Rocky at the little party. I mean she was having fun. It is what it is. BTW did ya’ll see my boo Stephanie popping her miniature ass lmao. I was like HEEEEEEEY BOOOOO.

The whole Jerry thing. I don’t think Shannon was trying to set her up and I do think she was trying to be nice HOWEVER putting an extremely drunk girl in bed with an old creepy ass man who was all over your housemates, feeling on them, tryna kiss and lick and all that shit on them is a big no no. She should’ve told Jerry to get on the floor or go sleep on the couch while she slept with Rocky, not left Rocky in the bed with him. I think it boils down to his creepy factor and his creepy factor was like 100 so I can totally get why Rocky was upset and why Paula was upset cause it’s like he could’ve done anything to her. And Shannon claims she knows him, but come on…..HE WAS CREEPY AS SHIT! The only reason you know this man is cause he throws money at your ass. Bottom line is she tried to do the nice thing, which I applaud her for, but she went about it the wrong way. 

Sidenote, Jenn talking about she feel bad for Rocky, but bitch she wouldn’t have had to even sleep in Shannon’s bed if you hadn’t thrown hers in the pool.

Anyway, now the whole house is ganging up on shannon I guess. Like I said I’m only really here for Stephanie and Paula….possibly Rocky if she stop eating people shit lmao

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Posted on Thursday, 14 February
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